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The Xenusi are a very peaceful race, with a very troubled history. They are known for having 3 legs as they have evolved over billions of years to become the advanced race they are now. They used to live in the nearby planet Yula Prime but the Macaburus pirates came and drove them out of Yula Prime, almost wiping out their entire race. But they persevered and survived through many years of traveling looking for an empty planet until one of the last survivors looked out the porthole and said “land ahead”. Those words echoed through the ship. They had found a planet to live in. But they noticed something unique the planet had 2 colors a very dark orange on one side and a very lively green on the other. So they thought let’s go to the green side it seems good, and so right they were, it was the none radioactive side. So they had finally found a home. And from that day on the Xenusi prospered in Xenu Gamma. The Xenusi are extremely skilled farmers and miners. They believe in work all day to earn your things. One very peculiar thing about this race is that they always know where each other are because they all have a tracking ship embedded into their skin.


Biomes and Ecosystems

Xenu Gamma is a very beautiful planet that has an area 20 times the size of earth but only half of that area is inhabitable. This is because of something known as the death line, where inhabitable land meets radioactive disaster. On the radioactive side the only known biome is a cold dry tundra, where radioactive permafrost freezes all year round. But on the other half of the planet it is a beautiful area with lots of green grassy fields, 4 perfectly comfortable seasons that make the Xenusi enjoy a perfectly long year. On the west side of inhabitable side it is usually cold half of the year and warm the other half. They have the following biomes a rainforest and a boreal forest. Their biomes are very well taken care of because they have learned to value the land they have because of their troubled beginnings. On the other hand, the east side has a very balanced climate including the 4 seasons. Their biomes range from rainforest to taiga, and tundra. They don’t have many extreme seasons, all their seasons are very balanced meaning the people are able to control the weather and adapt to it. In my opinion Xenu Gamma has one of the best climates in the galaxy.

Xenu Gamma is one of the most diverse planets in the universe it is estimated that for every Xenusi there are 2 different species of organisms. On the radioactive side of the death line there is only one species of organisms and they are called the nopes, Nopitus aectus, these are multi cellular organisms that create food and clean air from radioactive waste. These organisms are very primitive in the sense they do not interact with other species. They only have one sphere as a leg that rotates like a ball would roll on the ground. This leg helps them move through the rough and unmapped terrain that is the radioactive zone. On the inhabitable side of the death line there is an outstanding arrange of plants and animals. Some of the most prominent species of animals are: Clarkes (Clarkitus carnivorus), Bellamies (Bellamiktus sarctorus), and the Octavias (Octavius mucus). The clarkes are a very special species of little lizard like creatures that live among the Xenusi as pets. The bellamies are very ferocious carnivores that rule the rainforest of Xenu Gamma. They can be identified by their bright yellow fur and their huge fangs that can pierce tank armor. These creatures are known for having the most delicious meat in the universe, if prepared well. The octavias are very peaceful fish like creatures with 5 fins that make them swim faster than the speed of light. They eat smaller fish and do not harm the reefs. Planet Xenu Gamma has a very special type of tree, called the whopping willows, these trees will beat anything that gets even close to them. Xenu Gamma is very diverse overall.

Creatures and Plants


The Xenusi have many religions due to the fact they are a very liberal planet, in fact they are the planet with the most religions in the universe. One of their smaller religions in Alism. This religion has its humble beginnings in the the year 125 AK (after Krakatoa) There were a small group of yellow people walking down Xenu Gamma when a mysterious, grumpy ball of light descended upon them, saying “I am Al Bannon and I come to place upon you a new religion called Alism.” They started spreading their jealousy and winnings through the planet until more people joined. They belief that elections are always rigged and that Bushism is a false religion. Another of the minor religions of Xenu Gamma is bushism. Bushism is a religion that arose arose after the war of 180 AK when the Xenusi defeated the Claudist in an in a 2-year battle. After the battle the claudist created a a religion based on the teachings of George Bush that the GOP is always right, nopes are the sacred animals, and that trees were meant to be cut down. These religions are the minor ones but their main religion is Jimism. This religion was created in 0 AK. They started after a man by the name of Jim Bieber. He preached the values of praising the one only true god Joe, men are the leader of the household, everybody should own guns and that everybody can choose how they want to be known as. These religions show the examples of how varied and diverse Xenu Gamma is as a planet.



The Xenusi speak a very peculiar language called Snot. This language has its origins in the year 200 BK. The language originated from a mix of the languages EDM and House. These were very primitive languages as they only consisted of sounds and beats to describe simple images and action. But in the year 200 BK the Xenosi decided to create a written language that could describe the old pictures and sounds, but with a written history ad an alphabet. So at the council of Thent the Xenusi decided to merge these 2 languages into one language called Snot hat would represent all sounds and actions into written language and an alphabet. Their alphabet is known as the Snotian Alphabet. Its letter work in alphanumerical order. Their words cannot have more than 8 letters. So when a word has more than 8 letter they create compounds word and abbreviations. Snot can be spoken in 3 different dialects green, yellow and rotten. Each of these dialects come from a certain region of Xenu Gamma, as physical boundaries made people speak the same language differently adapting to their own environment. Snot can be translated into the billions of languages and dialects that are spoken throughout the universe, but there are only 2 languages that Snot cannot be translated into French and Smithsonian. In order for the people who speak these languages to understand Snot they have to translate Snot into another language that can be translated into French and Smithsonian. A lot of words and their meanings are lost in translation but it is still understood. Snot helps the Xenusi thrive and trade with other planets around the universe.


The Xenusi are one of the most advanced races in the universe. They pride themselves in being one of the only races to have successfully evolved over 8 billion years. Some of their most successful inventions are known throughout the universe as one of the finest technology in which the Xenusi are always priding themselves in. The Xenusi only have one rule for technology and it is, if it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid. So some of the most famous inventions of the Xenusi includes the dark matter engine that can make engines run 3 times faster than the speed of light. This new type of technology enabled ships to go faster than ever before, making them reach their destinations in a much shorter spam. The only setback with this invention was that dark matter was scarce and very expensive. These problems got the Xenusi thinking so they created a way to spawn dark matter with the touch of a button. So that is how the Dark Matter 3000. This invention was very innovative but it had problems, every time dark matter pellets where created 5 kg of toxic smoke would be released into the air. So they created a way to contain all the toxic smoke and turn it into breathable air. These are only transportation related inventions, the Xenusi are known for creating the first intergalactic telephone, and the latest unbendable material. The first intergalactic telephone used nebula material to send video and audio waves to the receiver. The latest unbendable material is a mixture between diamonds, steel, and iridium making it the best building material. These are many examples of the many prominent examples of Xenusi technology.


The Xenusi became a planet in the year 1000 BK. For the first 200 years of its existence Xenu Gamma was ruled by a dictator called Bender Stewart. He slaughtered innocent Xenusians who went against his views. They called themselves the Green Party. Bender was a ruthless dictator who ruled authoritarian for 200 years. During the year 800 BK a group of freedom fighters decided to overthrow the government and create a democracy. So during one cold night they set out to kill Bender. They captured him and killed him, then showed his body to the people stating that Xenusi will shine brighter than ever before. So after dealing with the president’s supporters they started to look for a new system of government. After meeting with the many representatives of the regions they decided to make Xenusi a full democracy, with elections been held two weeks after that. The winner was George Jefferson Fitzgerals. He was officially the first president of Xenusi. So with a democracy set they started drafting a constitution. Some of the key points of this constitution that a president could not run for more than 2 terms of 4 years each. The president has to be from Xenusi, and cannot have live outside Xenusi for more than 10 years. People cannot have guns in public spaces, and many more rules of an incredibly long constitution. Currently the Xenusi are in the year 1000 AK and the current elected president is John Burger XX. He is the president. He is currently serving his 2nd term in power.

Economy and Trade

Xenu Gamma uses a mixed economic system. This economic system is a mixture between a market and command economy. This economy is mostly free of government control so that the private sector can thrive. Only a certain amount of ares are controlled by the government, for example education, transportation and the intergalactic postal service. The mixed economy favors the government to have more power over the people as they control key public services. These economy has helped Xenu Gamma incredibly thrive through the years. The main trading partners of the Xenusi, are the people of Peponi planet, the people of Gelosia prime, Gelosia gamma, and Sargassum beta. These are only the main trading partners; they trade with many more planets. The Xenusi are known for having the biggest mines in the world of dark matter. They mine dark matter day and night, and since this material is very expensive they make millions of galactic dollars from it. Another one of their most valuable resources is compressed air. This is a type of air that can be fracked and packed into small pills that when swallowed gives the user 20 hours of air wherever they are. One of their last important resources are their black diamonds. This diamonds are mined in temperatures of over 300 degrees. The diamonds can be used to build unbreakable glass, and the most beautiful jewelry in the universe. The Xenusi have an extensive variety of Xenusi items they make for example, the dark matter engine, the dark matter 3000, and the toxic air purifier. These are some of the many examples of why the Xenusi are one of the economies that is thriving the most.

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