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        I was born in New York. My birthdate is May 8th 2490 AD. I came from a lower class family in the Bronx. My great-great-grandparents came from Berkshire, England as indentured servants. They worked for years until they gained their freedom. They fought in the 5th revolutionary war against the British. My great-grandparents fought in the 5th Civil War in the side of the North, they always had their values of liberty and equality straight. My grandparents fought in WWVII, to stop the commies and maintain America’s flight bright. My father was an army reserve during the Hot War, but was never sent to war because of his learning disability. (ADHD) We used to go to Yankees games every night they were in town. We had “season tickets”, or as I should say permission from the janitor to watch the game through a hole in the janitor’s closet every night.  My family were the biggest Yankee fans of all time. I remember when the Yankees won it all in 2496, I ran out on the streets wearing my Ertej shirt, and yelling

         “You suck, Braves.”


         I wasn’t all about sports, I was excellent student all the way through high school. My journey to become an Infinity Knight officer started when I was 3. I saw my mom yelling like crazy.

        She was saying “they just announced the earth has 20 years left."


        I didn’t understand much at the time but it all started coming together once the years started passing. When I was 10 the first Infinity Knight registration sheets started flying around. They were giving 2 sign-up sheets. One for becoming an Infinity Knight officer and the other one for becoming an engineer in new earth. They engineer job had an incredible pay, but the starship officer, promised fame, hope, and I had a very decorated family background in terms of service to our beautiful nation. I had always loved astronauts and space fighters in video games, but it was all so real now. I had the opportunity to save all my loved ones and the rest of the world. So from the day I saw the registration forms to become an Infinity Knight officer, the game was on. The training process begins the day one turns 11. So on my 11th birthday I had to come every day for 2 hours after school to start getting ready for the end of the world. When I was 12th we learned about all the planets in the universe and how to navigate through the planets. First we looked at the Beta Quadrant, then we looked at the Gamma Quadrant, Alpha Quadrant, and finally the Delta Quadrant. They told us we are located in the Beta Quadrant. They explained that hostile races where very dangerous as they had no previous relations with earth. As a 12th year old I was overwhelmed by the amount of information given in 2 hours but I slowly adapted to it, getting more and more interested every day. Our final exam was quite simple, determine the distance between earth and Xenu which was pretty easy since we were already given the distance between Xenu and Salsola, and Earth and Salsola, so we just used Pythagorean Theorem. When I turned 13 I advanced to 3rd grade in Infinity Knight academy. That year we learned about the types of planets around the galaxies and who owned which planets in relation to other races. During 4th grade I learned about the different types of engines in the galaxy and hot to properly fuel them. When I reached 5th grade we were taught how properly service each and every type of engine available at the time. As I reached 6th grade the good stuff started to happen, we took our first field trip. We went to visit the construction of new earth. It was marvelously huge. They said that it would be done by 2512, one year before the end was due to implore. So I was happy. We spent most of that year traveling between earth and new earth, and we learned how to travel using the prototype spaceships. When we reached seventh grade the training got less book oriented and more practical knowledge. Every day we were taken out for physical exams and preparation. That was we did all year. When I reached 8th grade, we only had 4 years until new earth was finished. So from that year on every year until 12th grade we prepared to travel the galaxies fighting, mining, and protecting the freedom of new founded new earth. So when 2512 arrived it was time to start sending people to new earth while waiting for the earth to implore. So every day we started evacuating around 24 million people a day for the whole year. After endless days of work and sweat it was finally done. Me and my crew were the only people left on earth. So we had 2 days left before the earth imploded. So me and my colleagues grabbed our favorite cars. I love good old muscles so I grabbed a 2470 Mustang and roared through the streets alone, enjoying the moment and saying goodbye to the only place I knew as home. So as the clocked ticket I drove down I-9000 in my Mustang sipping some good old Sam Adams and got ready to leave earth. So with 5 hours left on the clock we geared up for our new life in the galaxies and in new earth. So as a gift from my captain I was allowed to perform the countdown. As my voice reached zero, I gave my final prayer and we took off. It took us 2 days to reach new earth, but when we finally reached new earth, we were greeted as heroes. My moment had finally arrived we were given our Infinity Knights uniforms and our badges. So from that day on I was traveling with my comrades through the universe. Our first assignment was to travel to the Delta Quadrant to visit the planet Peponi to buy some dark matter to power our newly bought dark matter engine from Xenusi but we got some bad news. Xenu Gamma owned all dark matter mines. So we had to go to Xenu Gamma and buy some dark matter. So from that day on I was marveled with Xenu Gamma. In my opinion Xenu Gamma is the most beautiful planet in the universe. This is my outstanding story on how I became an Infinity Knight.